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badXchannels - 'WHYDFML' EP Review


I. One Car Funeral

II. You Know I Will feat. Jon Connor

III. Dottedxlines

IIII. Complicated feat. Tyler Carter

IIII. Same Thing Every Day feat. Missio

Straight away I was apprehensive to see the demise of Chiodos but the departure became excitement as vocalist Craig Owen's announced his new solo project 'BadXchannels' almost immediately. I didn't know what to expect with all of the bands he's been involved with being different to the previous.

I was a fan of 'Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows', Iscles and Glaciers and now after only hearing the album through once I couldn't be more happy with the release of this new project.

The first track 'One Car Funeral' straight away brought a pleasant smile to my face, if you thought this would be another Post Hardcore band you can't be more wrong, but that is no means a disappointment. This project is not the same old Owens you would expect at all, it's R&B, Soul with rich melodic tones and a few rap verses thrown in on the track 'You Know I Will' featuring Jon Connor. With the guest vocals on the track 'Complicated' from Tyler Carter of Issues this has quickly became my favourite release of the year. The soulful vibes with the voices of Owens and Carter colliding together during the chorus is the highlight of what is a new chapter for Craig Owens. This project will bring a whole new fan base and if you're as open to the sounds of the likes of Drake, Kendrick Lamar and The Weekend as I am then this album will be pleasant surprise. The heartfelt lyrics and Electro Pop feel brings a whole new much needed strength to Owen's voice.

Listening on I feel he holds his own and will be at the fore front of this more Pop/Rock filled majority the music industry is following. This project is sure to conquer a few hurdles with previous fans of Owens work.

Review - Jessie Jones

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