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Glasstide - 'Lights' EP Review


1. Be There

2. Lights

3. Since You've Gone

4. You're Not Worth It

'Lights' is the debut EP from Exeter Rock band Glasstide. We not too long ago shared their video for the lead single 'You're Not With It', an incredibly infectious track that we have played over and over since it graced our inbox. As the release of the EP loomed, our expectations had grown along with our interest to discover how the rest of the EP shaped up. So in short is it any good?

'Be There' is the opening track for 'Lights' and is an incredibly catchy song. It chugs along through the verses leading into a catchy as hell riff for the bridge, of which I've found myself humming when working away and the chorus just soars and is near impossible to ignore. A true sing along.

From here the tone of the EP changes. 'Be There' falls quite comfortably into the Pop Rock genre where the next 2 songs sit more comfortably in the Hard Rock genre. With less bounce and little more riff the songs feel a little heavier in comparison. 'Since You've Gone' is a pure rock song, lead singer Gav Bolt's voice has a really nice gravel like tone and it is showcased well on this song. It is a shame to say that the EP's title track 'Lights' doesn't do the same. Of all the songs on offer, this is by far the weakest. Bolt's vocals feel lost amongst the guitars heavier riffs, but I argue that this may just be a production oversight. His voice is by no means weak and shines throughout the rest of the EP.

Finally there is 'You're Not Worth It', a song that returns the tone closer to Pop Rock with another bouncy riff. Lyrically catchy again, if there is one thing that Glasstide succeed at, it is writing songs that hook you in and implore you to sing along.

Based upon their video release it is clear to me Glasstide ooze energy and are all about the showmanship. As debut EP's go this is a solid release. With catchy lyrics and awesome guitar work, I can safely say as and when they take these songs to a live setting they will go down a treat. Still in their infancy having formed in mid 2014, Glasstide are still taking time to find their feet and they are taking all the right steps forward. From here I am interested to see how well an album would play out and I think I need to get myself down to a show.

So I asked is it any good? and the answer is quite simply yes. Get your hands on a copy now and check out what the Exeter music scene is producing.

Stand Out Track: Be There

Check out their video for 'You're Not Worth It'

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