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Die No More - 'Destruction Complete' EP Review


1. Save Yourself

2. Mirage

3. Enemy Within

4. Destruction Complete

With the scintillating vibration of distortion bristling through my speakers via the intro of “Save Yourself”, “Destruction Complete” wastes no time in reshaping your facial features so that you resemble a confused Bill Bailey.

“Destruction Complete” is the bands first release in 2 years, following their storming debut album “Elected Evil” (which I highly recommend you buy now..... tight arses). This is how I first came to know of the sound of Die No More. Marc's signature Hetfield-esque gruff is a trademark that for me gives the band their clarity and dynamism. They are a band with the quintessential classic thrash influences that manage to still retain a modern feeling to their music.

My personal favourite from the EP, “Mirage” is metal gone sophisticated. Extremely well thought out material. Not a drudgery of cliched structure and lazy songwriting. Their is almost a progressive metal feel here. We can hear Marc explore new melodic structures within his voice on this track.

“Enemy Within” I feel would have fit perfectly in theme on their debut. It's a straight out metal song, to the point and absolutely emphatic with it's monstrous delivery. It's aided by the superb talents of Matt Ellis of Axis Studios. He seems to be recording a lot of my favourite releases this year.

The centre piece for this EP is without a doubt the title track. At almost 8 minutes the song is mammoth in context. The ending of this song evokes a little Sabbath in the boys as we thunder home to a 'Children Of The Grave' style groove mixed with one of the best guitar solos I have heard in a while by lead axe man Kev Smith. Not to mention that rhythm section. Steve Orchiton is the F***ing man!

Bass player mention. I like Martin's hair.

“Destruction Complete” encapsulates everything the boys can and WILL do with their sound. They are a band of frightening work ethic and the music shows.

Stand Out Track: Mirage

Review - Matt Jones

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