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I Saw The World Burn - EP Launch, Rewind, Wrexham 05.08.2016

Tonight sees the launch of 'Barren', the debut EP from I Saw The World Burn and one of many highlights that 2016 has brought for the band. Their growing fanbase merely adds credence to what will probably be their biggest accolade to date in the form of playing this years Bloodstock Festival. A slot that they deserve and one I am sure they will make the most of and use to continue on their journey as a band. But before that, we have tonight. Before they are granted their chance to shine though we have two awesome supports.

We start with Bloodyard, a female fronted Heavy Metal hailing from North-West England. An early indicator of what tonight holds they waste no time in introducing the building crowd to their brutality. Lead singer Donna Hurd's guttural growls are so raw and layer over the chugging guitars perfectly. Female fronted Heavy Metal is always a welcome sight, as much as I adore the Symphonic Metal genre there is no denying a woman bringing it just as hard as any man can on the stage is a welcome sight and tonight Donna carries the torch well. Amidst the heaviness is also a beautiful melody, the guitar and drum work on display are superb and act as a brilliant opener for tonights show.

Next up is This Is Turin. A band who I have heard so much about, but never had the pleasure of witnessing live. I'm so glad I have now, this band is a breath of fresh air. As a collective they ooze style and have the strength in their songs to match. The room goes off and rightfully so, it is near impossible to not absorb their energy and get involved. With intricate solos and technical drumming their sound is exactly what I needed from these guys. Throw in the harsh vocals of their lead singer and his movements of a man almost possessed and you've got a live show worthy of any Metal gig. The talk is that these guys are only moments away from blowing up from the local scene and reaching great heights. After tonight I can totally agree with the chatter and hope these guys get the attention they deserve.

Now it is time for tonights main event. I have waited to see these guys live for ages, so having the pleasure to be invited to the launch of their EP certainly makes up for the amount of time I've had to wait to witness them in action. So how do these guys and gal measure up to expectation?

Simply put they are everything and more than I expected. If Bloodyard showed women have a place at the forefront of a Metal band, then front woman Katie Cairns raises the bar (and the middle finger) to anyone who may be in doubt. She is full of a fire that many frontmen lack and controls the stage with ease. With Don 'Bass Face', Ian and Graeme each owning their respective instruments, what you have here is a polished unit. Their strength isn't only the quality of their songs but the sheer enjoyment on their faces. There is nothing more inviting from a band than seeing that they are having fun on stage. With their appearance at Bloodstock only a week away, I am more than confident that they will destroy the stage and gain a legion of new fans.

There are many out there who say the local scene is dying. Tonight is the perfect example of how wrong they are. I Saw The World Burn, This Is Turin, Bloodyard. All three of these I have seen for the first time tonight, and all three have grabbed my attention and I shall continue from here on out to pay that attention their way. The scene isn't dying, It is very much alive.

'Barren' available now -

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