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MEDIC- 'OLYMPIA' Album Review

Tracklist: 1. Giants (Intro) 2. Wake Me Up 3. If I Could Stay 4. Room To Run 5. Electric Heart 6. Ichabod 7. Soldiers Of Olympia (Wide Awake)

8. Trees

The beauty of bands sending their Albums/EP's in for review, is you get introduced to all kinds of music from all over the world. Music that you may not have been fortunate enough to come across otherwise. 'Olympia' found its way to me and I am so glad that it did. The first full length album from Denver based trio MEDIC. This album is quite simply a tour de force, full of beautifully structured songs.

To elaborate fully I feel may take away from your first listen, but I shall try to give you an insight into this masterpiece. The sense of scale on here is monumental, they are a 3 piece playing songs that could shake the walls of stadiums. Each song feels like it's been crafted with a care and consideration that is lost on many of todays releases. Most bands almost look for that one killer song they know stands a chance of propelling them into the limelight and then have an album full of filler songs, MEDIC don't do this. Each song could be that special one, each could be the perfect lead single for the album, each could be that perfect follow up single. There truly isn't a song here that doesn't resonate with me on some level. Singer Aaron Wagner has one of those voices that disarms you and invites you in. His ability to be powerful whilst gentle allows the listener to relax and absorb the lyrically strong songs and their beautifully intricate melodies.

To compare them to other bands feels almost like an injustice, but it's a reality of music these days. So if pushed I would have to say they have the lyrical strengths of One Republic and the melody and scale of Coldplay. Though I sit here and can confidently say they could easily put Coldplay in their place. The strength of musicianship here doesn't hide behind a pretentious vail like the aforementioned band.

'Olympia' is worthy of a place in your collection and I am so glad I had the opportunity to discover this band. Bands that are 5 -10 years into their careers can only hope of producing an album of such quality and to do this on a first release is incredible. I can only imagine what 5-10 years down the line has in store for MEDICS and for me the prospect is exciting.

Stand Out Track: Electric Heart

Check Out Their Video For 'If I Could Stay'

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