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Summer City - 'Reprobates' EP Review


1. Signals 2. I'm A Wreck 3. There's Only Chemistry Here 4. Burn It Down 5. Reprobates 6. Sound Of The Crowd

I will straight away say that 'Reprobates' is one of the best releases sent to me for review this year. Summer City have crafted a perfect EP that genre hops like no other release I've heard.

You've got Pop Rock, Punk, Progressive, Synth and Electro elements. Think Blink-182 meets Skrillex. The Synth/Electro elements blend beautifully into the rock landscape that lays before you. From the awesome opening of 'Reprobates' to the more subtle tones of 'Signals', it creates an interesting and fresh listening experience but never imposes or over stays its welcome. It could quite easily dominate on 'I'm A Wreck' but instead takes a step back and allows the tracks to open up the more Progressive and Punkier elements, which really shine with a break down before the songs finale.

These days I find it very hard to listen to an Album or EP start to finish but with 'Reprobates', I am able to do exactly that. It never bores and with each consecutive listen the songs only get better and better.

Lead singer Benji Adams quite frankly has a beautiful voice with an impressive range. Combine this with the musical artistry of fellow members Ben Reynard and Kit Parker and what you have is a solid trio that have created an incredibly huge sounding debut. They are quoted as saying 'We poured so much emotion into this record and it means so much to all three of us. It's been a real labour of love, and we're so excited for people to hear it.' And I really couldn't agree more. They really have created a superb release and I can't stress enough how much you need to give this EP a listen. You will likely draw comparisons to some of the listed genres' heavy hitters but don't let that deter you from checking out this bands and what they have to offer.

Stand Out Track - Signals

Check out their video for 'I'm A Wreck'

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