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To The Rats And Wolves - 'Neverland' Album Review


1. Suburban Romance 2. Wild At Heart 3. Dead By Dawn 4. Blackout 5. Revolution 6. Roadsick 7. Interlude 8. Schoolyard Warfare 9. Kill The DJ 10. Ghosts 11. Drag Me Down 12. Torn

To The Rats And Wolves hail from Germany and have recently put out their first full length album, 'Neverland'. Having never heard of this band, but being a huge fan of the Metalcore genre, I was interested to check this release out and I am so glad I did. Instantly I wonder how these guys have never been brought to my attention before because this entire album is exactly what I've been looking for recently. You can agree or disagree but I am of the belief that 2016 hasn't had any releases that have really blown me away. Music on the whole has felt a little stale recently. So when the likes of 'Neverland' arrives I am thankful that there is still a band out there holding the torch for their genre and showing others how it is done.

Here is a blend of clean and harsh vocals, heavy yet melodic riffs and intricate drumming all layered with techno infused piano and electro sound bytes. The album is also lyrically strong and doesn't fall to cliche, with opening track 'Suburban Romance' really standing out.

It is easy to draw similarities to Eskimo Callboy who incidentally feature on 'Kill The DJ'

but I don't think that it takes away from the bands style in any way. There is enough difference here to allow the band to carve their own path in the scene.

There is no denying this release will not be for everyone. I adore Iron Maiden, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth etc, who for many will always be the definition of Metal and these purists can't and won't except the evolution Metal has made over the years. But for those who are open minded and can except that genres can mutate into different beasts entirely while still maintaining its essence, then you might just enjoy this release. Metalcore with a blend of Pop is the best way to describe what you have here and I love it.

Stand Out Track: Suburban Romance

Check out the official video for 'Suburban Romance'

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