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Massive Wagons - 'Welcome To The World' Album Review


1. Nails

2. Tokyo

3. Welcome To The World

4. Ratio

5. Shit Sweat Death

6. The Day We Fell

7. Fighting Jack

8. Jodie

9. Aeroplane

10. Fee Fi Fo Fum

Massive Wagons third offering, 'Welcome To The World' is a refreshing hard rock album. Their most cohesive and professional work to date. YEAAAAAAAH! “Nails” blasts open this visceral, dynamic and heavily melodic album that is fast becoming one of my favourite albums of 2016. Do one Beyonce... One of the hardest working bands in the UK who do it old school. They record a bangin' album and play it live until they drop. The way it should be. The second track on the album is “Tokyo” which was the first song to be released from the album. It was accompanied by a simplistic and fun video, complete with a mega glow stick microphone stand for frontman “Baz” to twiddle around like a young Mr. Coverdale. It really shows off that this band can write a great rock song with a pop hook. The song just sets up camp in your ears and never fucks off. Just a testament to the great songwriting of Wagons. The title track “Welcome to the World” bellows in after “Tokyo” and really addresses the thematic qualities of the album. “ROCK WON'T DIE” a very subtle lyric (Haha) that I have to agree with as long as Wagons are around on the UK scene. My favourite on the album is a surprising one for me. The 4th track entitled “Ratio” just really has a haunting atmosphere and we hear Baz take on a new style of vocal approach in the verses which at first I was a little unsure of but on two or three listens this track gets under your skin. The vocal melody on the chorus is absolutely perfect. It's the reason I keep coming back to this album again and again. The aptly named “Shit. Sweat. Death” just opens up this album and just shows how this band can go from an epic to an all out Motorhead headbanger in the space of one song. It features guest vocals from the powerhouse that is Lauren Hutchinson and we are rewarded by a very memorable chorus. The guitars throughout the album are so excellently mixed. A huge wall of sound that reminds me of 'Permission To Land' by The Darkness. They really grab me on both “Shit. Sweat. Death.” and the following track “The Day We Fell”. There is no overplaying here. Just great guitar tones and a strong understanding of when to turn it on. The solo in the day we fell is as melodic as the chorus is breathtaking. You hear Baz really reaching the top of his range but with supreme control. The production in general throughout this album is a very big reason to this album being so incredibly listenable. It's a joy to hear these songs in such a professional backdrop. The production would measure up with any of the big dogs new releases. Rest assured, you get your money's worth with this album. “Fighting Jack” could be straight out of Holy Diver by Ronnie James Dio. This kind of song really shows off the power in Baz's voice. I do thoroughly love the variation in this album. “Jodie” is a soppy song but a real driving and anthemic song none the less. One of the nicest acoustic passages I think I have ever heard appears on the pen ultimate track “Aeroplane”. Yet another example of the versatility in Baz's voice. So melodic, whilst still having that powerful delivery. The melodies are inviting and make you want to sing along. The final track “Fee Fi Fo Fum” really ties the album together in a party rock kinda style. A simple and hard hitting song that sums of the ethics and approaches of Wagons and where they are going. It reminds us that they are a rock band and they enjoy playing. This album screams that to me. So much fun and passion is evident. This is an album any rock fan should have in their collection. Gives me a sense of nostalgia for the golden age of rock but does not detract from the original delivery of the band. They are at the forefront of the UK underground rock scene and deservedly so. They know their sound, know their fans and have produced a stellar album with plenty of exciting moments.

Check out the video for 'Tokyo'

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