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Dan Pearce - 'Something You Left Behind' EP Review


1. Claim

2. Only Me

3. Oh No!

4. Dead

5. Claim - (Acoustic Version)

These days singer/song writers are ten a penny. Anyone with a guitar and a half decent voice believe they have that something special and need to be heard. This mind set can over crowd a genre with individuals who really ain't good and in turn makes it very difficult for genuine talents to be seen and heard. So when I hear an EP as beautifully crafted as 'Something You Left Behind' I feel saddened that such a fine release may get lost amongst mediocrity.

The reason this release shines is because of it's rawness. With an incredibly stripped back feel combined with heartfelt, honest lyrics you are presented with songs that are welcoming and deserving of your attention. The most captivating song is 'Oh No' which can only be described as a beautiful song that centers around anger and resentment towards someone who was once held dear. Its upbeat melody is contradicted lyrically but works on so many levels. The other stand out song for me is 'Claim' that works well with the full instrumentals but really shines in its Acoustic form. The lead single from the EP focuses on the emotions that surround depression and can truly resonate with the listener.

Quite frankly here is an EP that is full of honesty and emotion and I am so glad I have had the pleasure of listening to it. Music these days offers up a mixed bag but amidst it all, there are hidden gems. These gems very often they reside amongst the unsigned artists, writing and singing from their heart in the hope someone, somewhere is listening. Well I am listening and I hope that you do too.

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