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One Last Run - 'Unbreakable' Album Review


1. Unbreakable 2. Casanova 3. Creatures Of The Night 4. Tell Me 5. Reckless 6. All You Need To Know 7. Run And Hide 8. Rise (Or Fall) 9. Addiction 10. Given Up feat. Mike Kingswood

'Unbreakable' is the debut album from Manchester rockers One Last Run and holy shit this is exactly what the UK music scene has been waiting for. I get sent EP's and Albums to review on a daily basis and rarely does one hit the spot like this. Presented here is one of the strongest debut's I've heard.

So where do I begin? I'm not really sure how to do any kind of break down when every song is just so damn good but I suppose I will try and give it a go.

One of the most notable songs is the album opener and lead single 'Unbreakable'. This is an extremely catchy powerhouse of a song that has an incredibly sexy riff to it and a chorus worthy of a crowd sing along. There is also a brilliant contrast in the songs here. Some hit you with break neck speed while others show a more ballad-esque style. With songs such as 'Run And Hide' and by far my favourite song of the album, the incredibly beautiful 'Given Up' featuring Glamour Of The Kill vocalist Mike Kingswood. I can't stress enough how much this song needs to be heard.

It won't take long for you to fall in love with the vocals of Becky Roberts. The easy comparison is that of Lzzy Hale of Halestorm, you can hear the fire and conviction in every word and she is confidently holding the torch for female rock vocalists. Her voice never breaks or strains as she blasts through massive chorus'. The music that surrounds her vocals never drowns her out, instead only compliments. Speaking of the music, what you have here are extremely accomplished instrumentalists who know their craft. From intricate drum work to some beautifully structured riffs and solos, this album can be easily seen as a labour of love. While many up and coming bands can be seen to rush a full track release for the sake of getting noticed, you can instead feel the time and effort that was put into creating this release.

The similarities to Halestorm are there, but the American quartets most recent release 'Into The Wildlife' was a mediocre release that fell flat for a lot of people. If they had continued their potential domination with a release like 'Unbreakable' I believe they would have taken it to the next level. But they didn't, One Last Run did.

Move over Halestorm, there are new kids on the block and they've raised the bar.

Stand Out Tracks: Unbreakable, Given Up

Check out their new video for 'Unbreakable'

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