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Celestial Ruin - 'Pandora' EP Review


1. Murder Of Crows

2. Sense Of Exile

3. No Quarter

4. Nevermore

5. Firestorm

Straight off the mark I ask you, are you a fan of Nightwish, Within Temptation, Delain, Leaves' Eyes, Lacuna Coil and Evanescence?

Do you love female fronted Rock full of epic chorus' and grand instrumentals?

Then Celestial Ruin will be the perfect choice for you. Their new EP has everything you can expect from the genre and while instantly you can say you're not being introduced to anything particularly new that you haven't heard before, I really don't believe that matters at all.

When existing within this style of music you will always be compared to the genres heavy hitters, but this is more an insight into the quality of the music rather than an insult, because that is exactly what this EP provides. It is sheer quality, a strong release that can sit proud with the other bands.

The EP is host to 5 songs, each of which can stand strongly on their own. Though I add they are not without fault, with 'Murder Of Crows and 'Firestorm' being the weakest of the songs. Both songs sound extremely familiar to releases from other bands. But as I said they are by no means bad songs and can hold their own.

The tracks here though that showcase the band at their best is the haunting and beautifully layered 'Nevermore' and the lead single 'Sense Of Exile', a song that really hits the mark. Its riff heavy opening doesn't relent throughout, acting as a driving force. Lead singer Larissa Dawn's vocals sound incredible and are strongest on this track. Everything about the song screams epic, as do the other songs on the EP, designed perfectly to soundtrack fantasy films full of myth and might.

Canadian rockers Celestial Ruin have hit the ground running with this release and while might not be breaking new ground are certainly making sure you take note. Here is a strong EP from a band I will certainly be keeping track of.

Stand Out Tracks: Sense Of Exile, Nevermore

Lyric video for 'Sense Of Exile'

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