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Mosley Bar - 'Another Record Sleeve' EP Review


1. Risk

2. Record Sleeve

3. Rendezvous

4. The World And I

Mosley Bar are a 4 piece hailing from the North West of England. Their debut EP, 'Another Record Sleeve', has found its way into our inbox for review. So what's it like? Honest answer is somewhat of a mixed bag.

Opener, 'Risk,' instantly sounds very familiar and lends an obvious influence from the likes of 'Kings Of Leon' and 'Artic Monkeys'. It's the kind of song that wouldn't be out of place on the menu screen of FIFA and while it isn't a bad song by any means, it just feels like I've heard it a million times before.

Next we have 'Record Sleeve', musically strong with the chorus' riff really punching when it kicks in. It is probably the track the EP should have opted to open with as this lets me see a little more of who Mosley Bar really are.

Then we have 'Rendezvous', which is by far the EP's stand out track. What they have put together here is radio friendly gold. With an incredibly catchy melody and sing along lyrics, it pains me that the rest of the EP doesn't follow the blueprints played out by this song. If 'Record Sleeve' opens the door for the listener to what Mosley Bar are all about then this is the song that invites you in to the party.

The EP's closing track is 'The World And I' a lyrically strong, well structured song that is again, showing its obvious influences. But again that all too familiar sound is rather off putting, though it is worth noting the guitar work on this track is beautifully layered and really shines through.

These guys are still in their early days and their youth shows with them not displaying an identity of their own. But underneath it all it's there as seen in 'Record Sleeve' and 'Rendezvous". I believe as they start to write and play more, their own sound will start to push through the music defined by their peers. Mosley Bar are an impressive band and while this is in no way a bad EP, I truly believe they haven't properly scratched the surface yet of what they can become and future releases may be where they come to life.

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