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Forever In Depths - 'Darkness' EP Review


1. The Storm

2. Darkness (Feat Luke Boyle)

3. Behind Our Eyes

A new Metalcore band is always going to be a hard review for this writer. It's a genre that I've never gotten into, but have been witness to more than a few bands of this type in recent years who have been terrible.

With that being said, I really enjoyed this EP. The guitar work is exceptional all the way through, with some excellent background fills and noise that really adds atmosphere to each of the tracks.

The vocals are what you come to expect from this genre of music, with my only small criticism being that the cleaner vocals could be a little stronger. But this is just a tiny part of the songs and takes nothing away from the tracks as a whole.

Of particular stand-out to me, “The Storm” with the already described guitar work being ever present, but also the drum work standing out amongst other similar bands I've listened to.

The tone and style of each track differs just enough, that while you know you're listening to the same band, you can really tell apart each song, and that is helped by the band obviously knowing the direction they wanted to take with each song when recording it.

All in all, this was an enjoyable EP to review. It offered up a surprise for myself that will help me to be less dismissive of what this genre of music has to offer.

Stand Out Track: The Storm

Review - Oli Williams

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