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A Rebel Few - 'As The Crow Flies' Album Review


1. Born Again

2. Rebel Few

3. Empires Fall

4. Dyin' Breed

5. Said N Done

6. Serious

7. Who Knows

8. Bitter Man

9. Pure Revolution

A Rebel Few hail from Ontario Canada and are all about 'balls to the wall' rock music.

Their mission statement is quite simple.

"A REBEL FEW- took all the shit we DON'T like about music and ignored it... and then took all the things we DO like about music... and we do THAT!"

So how does this translate on their debut album?

Extremely well would be the answer. While this is by no means a modern classic of our time, I don't believe A Rebel Few are aiming to provide nothing more than a fun, enjoyable album.

Their influences are obvious, in fact they hit you in the face. With the likes of Black Stone Cherry, Skid Row, being most notable. They have taken a little bit from each and thrown them all into the mix.

Each song chugs along with meaty riffs and the solos are sublime. They shove their way into your headspace but never over stay their welcome. Opening track 'Born Again' offers the sexiest of the solo's on offer. Beautifully distorted, it sent little chills up my spine. Nothing beats some great guitar work. Vocalist Raposo has one of those voices that couldn't belong anywhere else but on a rock song. Gritty and melodic all in one, the instrumentals lay the foundation for the bands sound, but his voice brings it all to life.

The album blasts through at a blistering pace and never really leaves you time for a breather, so the choice to end the album with 'Pure Revolution' was inspired. This is easily the bands attempt at a ballad-esque song. Its gentle start that leads into the grand finale is the perfect way to close the album for the listeners.

'As The Crow Flies' has masses of appeal. While not offering much in the original department, I think you'd be hard pressed to find someone who didn't enjoy this album. It is fun and offers up some brilliant songs. There is nothing here that feels particularly "filler", with each song a strong contender for a single release. The album has massive replay value and that is exactly what I intend to do.

Now get your asses over to the UK so we can see you live!

Stand Out Tracks: Born Again, Pure Revolution

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