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Simple Plan - O2 Ritz, Manchester 23.03.2016

The night opens up with Pop Punk band The Bottom Line. A London based 3 piece (4 for the sake of the tour) that waste no time in getting the room pumped. Their energy is instantly infectious as they jump around the stage. Their music everything you expect from a pop punk band, bouncy radio friendly rock thats fun and not ashamed to be. Their job is to warm up the crowd, as is the job of any support band and I can safely say they take that task and complete it with ease. The cherry on top comes in the form of inflatable raft surfing over the heads of the crowd. The Bottom Line are simply brilliant, incredibly welcoming and fun. A trait that is so easily lost on some bands these days. Great things ahead for these guys I know it.

Next is Ghost Town. Another 3 piece joining us from California. I've been trying to find a way to describe these guys leading up to this review and I'm kinda left stumped. Because they genre hop all over the place and they do it so well. I love these guys and can only simply say you need to listen to them for yourself and draw your own conclusions. As for the show itself, it was electrifying. Having never heard of these guys before it quickly became clear I was a minority. The room sang in unison song to song and its energy never let up. With my attention well and truly focused on Ghost Town I have every intention of getting their music into my collection.

Finally, the reason we are all here, Simple Plan. A band that have been away from the UK for a long time. Were they missed? Definatley. Was it worth the wait for their return? Oh hell yeah. Tonight isn't just a gig, it's a reunion. The audience welcomes them like an old friend, the feeling in the room is electric and rightly so. Playing songs both new and old they don't miss a beat as they remind everyone why they deserve to stay amongst the best bands of the Pop Punk genre. My personal highlight was 'Love Is A Lie' and finally getting to hear it live is something I won't forget anytime soon. I hope we don't have to wait as long until the next time, as that would be a shame. Tonight brought 3 great bands and one hell of an atmosphere and a whole lot of memories.

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