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Malum Sky - 'Malum Sky' EP Review

Progressive Metal isn’t for everyone, sometimes myself included. Some bands don’t know when to reel it in and can go off on all kinds of tangents that can easily leave a listener disorientated but not with Malum Sky. They are experimental while being controlled and offer up here one of my favourite EP’s in a long time. Let me explain. The EP’s opening track ’Tempeace' offers up a clash of emotion. Almost euphoric instrumentals layered with haunting vocals. It is a beautiful opener and while it gives you a taste of their prog capabilities, it is merely finger food compared to 'The False Impurity’, which wastes no time offering the listener all kinds of time signatures. With soaring guitars and dynamic drums chopping and changing this is pure prog heaven.

We then lead into ‘Forlorn’, a brief instrumental that can only be described as the calm before the storm. The EP’s last track ‘Sunless And Forgotten’ is nothing short of a masterpiece, over 7 minutes long it feels like a journey rather than just a song. Brilliant vocals and amazing instrumentals the EP closes with some of the finest guitar work I've heard in a long time. What we have here is 3 incredibly strong prog metal songs and a little filler for good measure. Like I said previously, not everyone enjoys the genre and sometimes doesn’t want their music to be as complex but I do truly believe you're missing out if you don’t give Malum Sky a listen. I’ve already given the EP numerous listens since it’s been sent my way for review and will be purchasing myself a copy as soon as I can. Next we need an album. If these 4 songs are anything to go by, then I can’t wait.

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