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Seasons - 'Seasons' EP Review

Seasons have just released their self titled EP. And what a release it is.

Instantly the comparisions to Mallory Knox and Young Guns are apparent but this is in no way a bad thing. While their sound is familiar it is by no means generic or gives you any sense of ripping off other bands, In fact it has a very fresh rocky feel to it. Rammed full of soaring vocals and strong melody throughout, what you have here is an extremely easy and pleasant listening experience.

Each song offers multiple layers to the band. From the drum driven rocky opener 'Sailed Ships' to the more ballad-esqe 'Seven Years', their songs ooze melody. Beautiful guitar work and intricate drumming brings strong structure to their music paving the way for the vocals. And what lead Singer Grant produces here are some incredibly strong vocals. He is able to mellow you out and just as quickly get you fired up.

As far an introduction to their work goes I'm hooked. Standing strong at just 4 songs long, you're left wanting much more from these guys. It is my hope that an album is in the works. They now need to get some strong touring slots sorted and get that music out there and heard.

Check out their video for their first single 'Sailed Ships'

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