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Planet Zero - 'Origin' EP Review

Planet Zero are a Pop Punk four piece from Mannheim / Stuttgart. Having never heard of these guys before I was intrigued to listen to their debut EP 'Origin'.

Easily the biggest problem with the Pop Punk scene at the moment is over saturation. There are far too many bands, but none are really bringing anything new to the table. Instead sticking closely to the "rules" laid out by their predecessors.

Thankfully Plant Zero are a breath of fresh air. What they have produced is a fresh sounding EP, an incredibly easy and enjoyable listen. Each song has that bouncy familiarity you'd expect from the genre but with added riffage. There are even strong hints of a more Hardcore Punk influence creeping into their songs, giving them a little more of an edge.

Songs 'Home' and 'Hot Shots' have anthem written all over them. Even though its hard for Pop Punk bands to usually gain enough exposure to hit the arenas, these two songs certaintly wouldn't be out of place. Instead I picture these songs being played in academy style venues. With crowds going wild jumping around with stage diving galore. Both these songs are incredibly strong, their respective choruses beg for you to sing along.

The EP even offers up acoustic version of 'All This Time' and 'Lipstick&Champagne' and both are a welcome editon. I'd even go as far as saying the stripped back nature of the EP opener, 'All This Time', excells more under its acoustic guise.

Though relativetly new to the game Plant Zero have released a strong debut. Playing around abit with the genre's style enough to allow them to push forward and make themselves heard amid an over populated scene. I'm unsure when they might be gracing the shores of the UK, but for now we highly recommend you check them out and get your hands on 'Origin'.

Check out their video for 'Zero Brew'

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