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Shot Of Hornets - 'Make A Picture' EP Review

The EP opener is an instrumental that has a kind of end scene/climatic closer feel to it, suited to an epic conclusion to a film or game. Interesting choice for an album opener, but maybe thats the trick because what follows next is unexpected.

Opening with metal core esque screams ‘Everything With Nothing’ is brilliant. The song takes you on a small journey through a range of song styles. With interesting math rock time signatures, I can hear influences ranging from indie to metal to a little bit of punk and pop. With its layered pauses, break downs and time changes it almost feel like you have listened to 3 short songs by the time you reach its end.

Next we have ‘Corrosive’, a catchy rock song made for radio. It’s sing along chorus made to stick in the mind of the listener. Riff heavy and driving drums make this easily my favourite song on the EP.

Finally there is ‘Don’t Go Chasing Shadows, Arthur’. This is definitely the heaviest song on the album but not any less welcoming. Much like the songs previous, it has incredibly catchy riffs and lyrics. It’s impossible to not tap along.

Lead singer Conor Cahalane has an incredible voice. Combined with the strength of the bands musicianship, what we have here is an incredibly strong debut EP. Each song can stand strongly alone. Each single worthy and in desperate need of your attention. You would be forgiven for thinking this band has been around for donkey’s years, however, they are really only just beginning and I will be paying attention to where they go from here.

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