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The Kerrang! Tour 2016 - The Albert Hall, Manchester 18.02.2016

Biters are responsible for opening tonights show. Being the only band on the bill that I hadn't heard of they offered the most intrigue. Instantly I was hooked. Biters offer some good old fashioned rock. Their Lead singer Tuk (Noel Fieldings long lost twin) commands his audience tonight. Though the room was still in the process of filling, he makes sure those who are already in attendence are paying attention. With invites to join him on stage to down some beer and talk of weed, alcohol and fucking, they clearly live up to the rock star name. Their song '1975' proves to be the catchiest of their set and a real crowd pleaser. With my attention locked in, I plan on spending more time getting to know Biters.

Next up is Roam. Pop Punkers from Eastbourne who recently have been dominating the scene. Sadly tonight though they feel out of their depth. Despite their enthusiam they just feel swamped by the stage and venue size. Their usual no barrier all out shows don't translate to the larger enviroment. Which is a shame because there is no denying the strength of their songs and the energy they put into their live show. It is really only the last song of their set that sees the room come alive with pits and crowd surfing. It's a sterling effort from the band but it just never quite hits the spot.

Frank Carter on the other hand doesn't have any issue igniting a room. After Pure Love came to an end, many knew it wouldn't be the end of Carter and he would be back. Tonight he is accompanied by his new band The Rattlesnakes. Who have hit the ground running and have already generated a huge following. With his new band taking the stage, the man himself enters and instantly you see a renewed sense of fire in Carter as he wastes no time making everybody know he is back and has no intention of going anywhere. He brings his trade mark antics to the show spending more time in the audience than on the actual stage. Standing upon the audiences hands and a synchronised wall of knee slides he is still clearly all about fun. His interactions with the crowd bring laughter. You can never quite tell when he is joking or being serious. You can argue wether his on stage attitude is a persona or the real deal, it doesn't really matter. But that anger and fury he demonstrates bleeds into the music. This is by far some of the strongest body of work he has created. Every song from sing along 'I Hate You' to the emotional 'Beautiful Death' hits and resonates. Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes may be the heaviest band on the tour this year but they are also the most fun. Incredible set.

Finally we have headliners Sum 41. A band that most didn't think they'd ever see live again, let alone with almost all its orginal members.

Lead singer Deryk Whibley's near death due to substance abuse is probably the sole reason the band are here tonight. His brush with the reaper reignited a fire in him he hadn't felt for a long while. After a long recovery and reconsiliation with old band members tonight we have some of the leading pioneers of modern pop punk before us. And fuck me I'm glad they are back. With the new studio album still under way what we have tonight it essentially a greatest hits set. Filled with every song you'd expect to hear. As I scan the room there isn't a single person that isn't completely engaged with the show, singing, smiling, jumping and rock horns galore. Even a few pits and some crowd surfers for good measure. Sum 41 have reminded everyone here tonight and I'm sure everyone else on the other dates of the tour, why they were masters of their craft. And I'm postive they will go on from here to make sure we don't forget.

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