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The Dustbowl Children - 'The Hook' Single Review

Picture the scene...

Bo & Luck Duke are delivering a high speed moonshine run down in Hazzard County, pushing General Lee to the limits with Sheriff Rosco in hot pursuit.

Later they are walking into the towns local bar. Uncle Jessie and Daisy chatting away with Boss Hog eyeing them up from across the room.

Can you see it? feel it?

I give you 'The Hook'

What The Dustbowl Children have done here is create a beautiful instrumental. Fusing Country and Blues, with a rocky undertone. It is near impossible to resist tapping your feet. With an incredibly catchy riff, this is a tune and a half.

Their new EP is on its way and I am incredibly intrigued to see what else they have to offer as a band. For now at leasted I'm hooked.....

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