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Kill Confirmed - 'Hell In A Cell' EP Review

Epic riffs and solos. Check.

Pounding double bass drum. Check.

Clean and harsh vocals. Check

Wishing you were in the pit. Fuck Yeah!

Kill Confirmed have released their EP 'Hell In A Cell' and consider our attention well and truly caught. Even though its only 3 songs long, what we have here is raw face-melting melodic metal.

It's easy to see where the band draw their influences. We have hints of Machine Head, sprinkles of Metallica, a smidge of Trivium and a whole lot of Iron Maiden and thats without even reading their bio, which later confirms exactly who they idolise which is in no way a bad thing.

They have taken their influence from some of the best the genre has to offer and molded it all together to create some brilliant songs.

Each song offers up meaty riffs layered with clean and harsh vocals. Lead singer Joe Savage showing he is able to switch between styles with ease. The guitar solo sections ooze melody and style. They hook you in and encourage a good ol' head bang. I have been foot tapping and head bopping my way through this whole EP.

I am in love.

From here I want a full length album and to see these guys in the flesh. If they can bring the fury and velocity the EP offers to the stage then this band have all they need to really propel themselves into the public eye.

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