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Sons Of Icarus - Rewind, Wrexham 07.02.2016

Isaac And The Beekeepers are responsible for opening tonights show. A four piece hailing from Ruthin. I have seen these guys a few times now and every time is a pleasure, tonight is no exception as they tear through a strong half hour set. Isaac's vocals shine, self confessed as being a 'shouty singer' he holds the line perfectly between melody and shouting. Never overbearing but certainly never holding back. They open with, by far, my favourite song 'Say It Tonight'. The lead single off their debut EP is radio gold. Tonight they add in a jam-like extended instrumental section that helps the song transition from CD to stage perfectly. As a solo artist Isaac was a strong performer, as a band they are a different entity altogether. I can honestly see great things ahead for these guys and hope to see them begin to play further afield and get their music heard.

Speaking of great things ahead, next we have Narrator. Also a four piece, these guys bring soulful bluesy tinged rock to the table. I saw them once a few years back and I am blown away by how much they've developed as a band. Drummer, Ben Roberts, also takes the role of vocals for the band. His voice is quite simply put incredible, with a drumming ability to compliment. Throw in the technicality and pure riffage of Phil Myth's guitar playing and you have a band that can only grow.

Finally we have Sons Of Icarus. Who have also made a point of blowing me away tonight. There intricate instrumentals, combined with lead singers Andy Masson's towering vocals make for an incredibly impressive live band.

Touring the official release of their debut album 'Beyond The Sun', Sons Of Icarus remind me of a younger rockier version of AC/DC. Their bio reads 'The future is bright for Sons Of Icarus, who look all set to fly very high, but never too close to the sun…'

I believe you will be hardpressed to find someone who will disgree with that statement.

It is just a crying shame that there wasn't anyone there to hear these 3 amazing bands.

Tonight was essentially bands watching bands, with the exception of 3/4 people. If ever there was a screaming example of the local scene needing the attention of the public, this is it.

Tonight I bared witness to some of the best music I've heard in a long time from 3 bands that could quite easily be the 'next big thing'.

Tonight they played in Rewind, one of Wrexham's best live venue's and well known for the support it provides for touring bands and local talent.

A show well promoted for several months in a town that is constantly complaining there is no music scene, should have been packed. The bands, the promoter and the venue were all on form. Tonight the let down is a public who cry for a scene but don't make an effort to actually support it.

Sons Of Icarus, congratulations on the release of your debut and I hope you enjoy the rest of your tour.

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