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Alternate Function - 'Scopes' EP Review


1. Hollowed Home

2. Maybe I'm

3. Sorry

4. Tests and Tasks

5. The End

'Scopes' is the second release from Brighton based band Alternate Function. A 5 song EP of Indie fused Math Rock.

Their songs are made up of complex time signatures full of meaty riffs and driving drums. Made even more impressive by their young age. Here is a band blessed with talent. Their lead singer Joe has a voice that soars with a range and strength that will leave many vocalists envious.

It is worth noting the almost odd structures and layouts of the songs might not appeal to everyone and there are instances where it can grate. Most notably on ‘Tests and Tasks’ whos opening riff is quite annoying and sadly distracting from the song. But one bad apple amongst a batch of great songs isn't a bad thing.

Stand out song is opener 'Hollowed Home' constantly building throughout it is reminisant of Biffy Clyro in their 'Puzzle' era. (a noted influcence of the lads)

What Alternate Function have created here is an intro, an insight in to their potential as a band. While not perfect their second EP shows all the signs of a great band in the making. I am interested to see where they go from here and will certainly be keeping my eyes and ears open for future releases. And next on my list of things to do is certainly try and see these guys live.

With time they can only continue to refine and evolve their sound and style into something special.

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