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The Dollyrots - 'Mama's Gonna Knock You Out' EP Review

Founded in 2001, with 5 studio albums and 1 Live Album under their belt, The Dollyrots show no sign of loosing momentum.

With their new EP recently being released and a UK Tour with Bowling For Soup currently under way they are certainly keeping busy.

Their 3 song EP ‘Mama’s Gonna Knock You Out’ is very much classic pop punk through and through.

While arguably it doesn’t really bring anything new to the genre, I don’t believe this is actually for the best part a bad thing.

But with Pop Punk being so massively popular and with so many bands applying the same formula, someone needs to have a play around with the fundamentals.

3 songs long but not 3 songs strong, the EP starts with 'Save Me’ which clocks in at 2.54. A radio friendly song with an incredibly catchy chorus that will be ringing around in your head long after listening.

This is the kind of song designed perfectly for the stage and can easily invite their fans to sing along with them.

Next we have ‘Little Medusa’ which is by far the EP’s weakest song. It’s hard to really pinpoint exactly what it is that niggles but the song just doesn’t resonate. While instrumentally strong, lyrically it disappoints.

It’s only saving grace is it’s change in tone and pace allows for a break in the EP and stops it all sounding like one long song.

Lastly we have "Sweaty Hug My Love’ a punchy conclusion to a modest 8 minute EP. Using the same blueprint as ‘Save Me’ we are treated to another catchy chorus and upbeat song that chugs along.

Ultimately the trio have certainly caught my attention, for both good and bad reasons. They are catchy and fun but need to bring something new to the game. It is far too easy to get lost in this genre and I fear they may do just that. Which leaves me frustrated because after seeing them live, they are extremely likeable and fun to watch (poor stage banter aside). All while being incredibly devoted to their fans.

If you are a lover of Punk/Alternative Rock then you will get along just fine with The Dollyrots. Just be warned you may find yourself, like me, wanting just a little bit more from them to really make them stand out from the crowd and propel them to the next level.

Check out our Live Review and Photos from their Leeds O2 Academy show with Bowling For Soup here.

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