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Nuclear Weasels - 'Bring To Mind' Album Review

Nuclear Weasels are an DIY band from the West Midlands. Combining driving, experimental indie, ska infused rhythms and a splash of wavy electronic influence, they've succeeded in creating something that stands apart from the current trend of indie music.

A bio that is spot on. I've had the pleasure of seeing these guys live in a stripped back acoustic setting for a 1 day festival I put on a few years back. Less said about that day the better but these guys were notably the most impressive band of the day. A few years down the line and I am presented with their 12 track debut album 'Bring To Mind'

The album was co-funded by a Kickstarter campaign which smashed its target within 14 days.

This only confirms that out there, like myself, there are people dying to hear this bands music.

So what does their debut have to offer?... Quite simply put, everything.

After sitting back with my headphones on and taking in all 12 tracks, there is no way to pigeon hole this album into any set genre.

From the rock tinged 'Sock' which is catchy as hell, to the ska infused 'Bed Song".

'You Were Me And I Was You' is a short electronic driven instrumental that leads perfectly into 'Three And A Half', a slow build song with driving drums leading into a symphony of instruments for the finale.

Their genre hopping songs never feel out of place and really do open up so many avenues for this young and talented band.

Their songwriting feels way beyond their years, touching on the subjects of drug taking, the fear of growing old or the feeling of moving away from your home town. Their songs are easy to obsorb if you are after some easy listening whilst being immersive if you are searching for deeper meaning in their lyrics.

The stand out song for me on this debut is 'Built On A Hill', a haunting 3 minute song that sticks with me long after its finished.

All in all what you have here is an incredible debut from this quartet. 12 tracks that I can easily listen to from beginning to end. Something that I find myself rarely able to do.

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