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Fozzy - The Rainbow Venue, Birmingham 01.12.2015

Tonights openers are Sumo Cyco. A four piece female fronted band out of Toronto, Canada. They instantly assert themselves on the stage and take no time to get the crowd warmed up. Lead singer Skye Sweetnam’s range of vocals is impressive. From harmony, to growls, to spitting lyrics all over. Although it’s worth noting that with vocals like this, I feel underwhelmed by her need to be over provocative with her movements. Their credibility should sit in the music, because their blend of rock/rap and punk fuse together perfectly. With sing along lyrics and infectious riffs. Sumo Cyco are fun and loud. Clearly thankful to be touring the UK, we are more than happy to have them here.

Next we have Nonpoint. And god damn I'm excited for them. After 8 years rocking the scene it's great to finally have the opportunity to see them in a live setting. And it was well worth the wait. Nothing is lost in translation as they blast through a high powered half hour set. Touching on songs both old and new. They also have the obvious inclusion of their cover of Phil Collins ‘In The Air Tonight’ . And as declared by lead singer Elias Soriano “Wether you love it or hate it, you know the words so sing along” And sing along they do. When he orders you to jump. You jump dammit. There isn’t a single person in The Rainbow standing still as Nonpoint ensure you are ready for tonights headline.

And just like that the moment everyone has been waiting for. There's audience members kitted out in either Fozzy or Chris Jericho attire and you could argue some might only be here for the spectacle of seeing a wrestling icon. But so what. Because what a spectacle it is.

As he walks onto a stage plunged in darkness, illuminated only by the LED jacket made famous by his Y2K character. The feeling that your are in the presence of an icon is ever clear. Chris Jericho was met with many a critic when he announced the forming of Fozzy. Claiming it to be a cash in on his name and nothing more. Jericho’s voice often being the point of discussion. Tonight a clear evolution has taken place, before us now is an accomplished rock band. Wether his status proceeds him or not. Jericho is no longer a wrestler that sings. But a singer who can wrestle. Channeling the energy of their peers like Motley Crue, Kiss and Iron Maiden. Fozzy are a certified rock band clearly enjoying every moment.

And so are the crowd. The venue might not be at capacity. But there isn’t a single person going home tonight that hasn’t got their monies worth. 3 incredible bands in one amazing show.

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