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Nothing But Thieves - Arts Club, Liverpool 29.11.2015

Exeter based Rock/Pop band Witterquick start the show off.

Playing to an already sizeable crowd, the band blister through an extremely strong half hour set. Their catchy rock/pop blended songs are the perfect opener for tonights show.

One thing that is apparent is just how much fun they are having. With their sound tech throwing fluffy toys onto the stage and using half a roll of masking tape on the lead singers leg. This is a band that know how to enjoy themselves. Something that is all too lacking these days in the music scene. Throw in some great songs and Witterquick are onto a winner.

Next up we have Pretty Vicious. A relatively young band that has already found themselves signed to Virgin EMI Records. Hailing from Merthyr Tydfil, the Welsh rockers strut there stuff around the stage. With lead singer Brad Griffiths in particular, oozing an arrogance that we’ve come to expect from a rock frontman. It’s hard to decide though wether this adds to the bands appeal or distracts. It feels that this is almost a one man show and the rest of the band are just there for effect. Brad is a strong lead with vocals to match and is very clearly aware of where he wants this band to go. You could argue there young age could attribute to the rest of the band feeling like meer backup. But it does feel that they have some catching up to do, to be on par with their frontman. Pretty Vicious put in a strong half hour set. With extremely catchy riffs and hooks. They are certainly a growing talent and one to keep an eye on.

Finally it’s time for the main act. The mighty Nothing But Thieves.

For some they may come to mind as the band who covers Bonnie Tyler’s 'Holding Out For A Hero' featured in the tv series 'Vikings'. An extremely impressive and dark cover. But you’d be a fool to believe that’s all they have to offer. This past year has seen the release of their debut album. A tour de force or intricate melody and soaring vocals. Tonight is the last stop for their accompanying tour of the album. One of many sold out shows. And with an audience dying with anticipation NBT don’t disappoint. Lead singer Conor’s range and power displayed with his vocals are awe inspiring. The album comes to life in a live setting, with each member of the band on form playing their roles well. With little flicks of the wrist and twists of his body, Conor feels the music and atmosphere pouring around him. The crowd hang on to every word he sings. The feeling in the air tonight is one of joy and adulation. Tonight’s show has proven to many that Nothing But Thieves have only just begun.

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