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We Are The Ocean - Sound Control, Manchester 17.11.2015

The night kicks off with ALLUSONDRUGS. Yorkshire rockers sporting a self described sound as psych-pop-grunge. Straight from the get go they ooze an energy that instantly connects. Though the audience is minimal they waste no time asserting their presence and ensuring the crowd that has commited to doors are kept on their toes.

There is no denying lead singer Jason's uncanny resemblance to Kurt Cobain. Dancing around in an almost drug like trance, his vocals fit the grungy sound perfectly, while also offering a more delicate approach to the proceddings. Throughout their set the enegry never lets up.

I wish the same could be said for Brighton band Tall Ships. Instantly I'm picking up an almost uncomfortable vibe. This could be contributed to the fact its one show away from the end of tour and fatigue is takings its toll, but something just doesn't feel right. Even though the size of the crowd has grown in size, there's very little atmosphere in the room. Throw in equipment issues that left an entire song without a bass and you can't help but feel they just couldn't wait to get off the stage.

It's painful because when it's all said and done, Tall Ships are an incrediable band. Their sound both soothes and excites. I've been a fan for a few years now and previous shows have left me in awe. It's a shame tonight doesn't.

Headliners We Are The Ocean hit the stage to a now full room. This tour is the 2nd run for new album "ARK". An album that has divided fans opinions. For me unlike their previous body of work, the new album is yet to connect. The departure of Dan Brown has and will always linger for a lot of fans. With his departure came a change in sound and style. Because of this their shows can often feel a bit of a jumble. With lead singer Liam often filling in the vocals previously sung by Dan on the older tracks, something that never quite felt right in a live enviroment. Tonight for me at least, this issue is put to rest. WATO own this stage tonight. There is often very little audience interaction, but this leaves time for more songs. Many of which you will find off "ARK". The album that had yet to connect with me, did just that after tonight. With or without Dan, WATO deserve to be playing venues and stages far larger than this tour has provided. Here is hoping next tour, this is the case.

Photographs - Friswell Photography

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