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June 19, 2019


1. Angels Over Berlin 

2. Goodtime 

3. Vacation 

4. America 

5. Inevitable Need To Reach Out 

6. Birds Of Paradise 

7. Mono No Aware 

8. Lost In The Funhouse 

9. New Years Days 

10. New Years Eve 


May 9, 2019


1. Act II

2. Solace

3. Diablo

4. Weird

5. Lost My Limits

So right off the bat 'Act II' bursts in with a heavy gallop. Which as a result of me not checking the volume on my headphones, means I’m definitely going to have to change my underwear sho...

February 3, 2019

So DOWNFALL are a new one on me and only after listening to their track 'Close Your Eyes' was I reminded how long it had been since I'd last graced my ears with some of my favourite genres heavier cousins.

The track comes in with a buzzing feedback ef...