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July 10, 2020


1. Never Before

2. The Glow

3. Silver 

4. Life Is A Game Of Changing 

5. Criminals

6. Strangers

7. Learning Alive 

8. Hello Girlfriend

9. Appointment

10 . Round & Around

11. Cobracaine

This summer was going to be amazing wasn’t it? It felt like we all...

July 7, 2020


1. By Your Side

2. PS (I Loathe You)

3. Bright Lights

4. Lines

An EP is a hard thing to get right. Unlike a single (which is just a song that is strong on it’s own) or an album (where you have the space to be experimental occasionally), an EP s...

June 28, 2020


1. A Guide To Live By 

2. Star Worship 

3. Dead Man 

4. If I've Ever Looked Too Deep In Thought 

5. The Ugly Man Sings 

6. True Romance Lives 

7. Ode To Joy 2 

8. The Night I Kidnapped Remo Drive 

9. A Flower And A Weed 

10. Easy As That

Out las...