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December 17, 2017


1. Vultures With Clipped Wings
2. Cold Like War
3. Two Hands
4. Lost In The Moment
5. Foreign Fire
6. Wasted Age
7. Encoder
8. If There's Something To See (feat. Eric Vanlerberghe From I PREVAIL)
9. Promise Me
10. Learning To Survive



December 3, 2017

This show was something I was extremely excited about attending. I mean on a cold, crisp winters night what else would you do other than go to a Country music show? This was my first time going to a Country show, and honestly I think because over her...

October 18, 2017


1. Echoes
2. Ghost
3. Empty Throne
4. The Witness
5. Everglow
6. Ash
7. Phoenix
8. Everything
9. Hearts Of Gold
10. Legacy
11. Blossom
12. Fading Flame

Its no secret that I love an unusual or exceptional vocal, I mean its very obvious throug...