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May 21, 2020

Isolation. Or how Lauren Laverne and The Lounge Society saved my life.

Fair warning dear reader, this may get bleak in points and you may even wonder what on earth it is doing on the pages of 3 Songs and Out, but I promise you, it has a happy ending,...

February 26, 2020


1. Creature Of Habit

2. 19

3. Safety Switch (ft. Bec Stevens)

4. You Are Bigger Than This Town

5. Michael Angelo

6. Soil

7. Suicidal Evangelist

8. Jellyfish

9. How It Feels

10. Superpowers

11. Creature Of Habit Pt. 2

12. Race Car Blues

As anybody...

January 29, 2020


1. Say 2 U

2. Disco

3. Sometimes I Cry At Work

4. Gaze Of Others

Mathematically speaking ‘greater than the sum of its parts’ is a bit of a nonsensical expression. Fortunately I’m not writing about maths. I say fortunately because I really don’...