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December 19, 2019

2019 has been not only a great year for releases, live shows and festivals but also four our little site.

So without boring you with a massive blurb, below the team have their say on their albums of the year, their favourite gigs, shots and who you sh...

November 16, 2019


1. Bounce Ya Necks

2. X

3. Me, Myself, & I

4. Faint Of Heart

Perhaps, I should begin with a disclaimer that I do not listen to much Hip Hop. There are artists I enjoy and songs here and there that connect with me. It speaks well for Millie Bloo...

November 13, 2019


1. Lay It On Me

2. Set It Free

3. Come Get Your Coat

4. Keep

5. It Won’t Last

6. All Mine Now

7. Can’t Sleep

8. The Lashing (Ghost)

9. The Void

10. Under The Sun

Blacktop Mojo inexplicably slipped under my radar for far too long as I only found out a...

October 26, 2019


1. Road To You

2. Rodeo Girl

3. Alone Again Tonight

4. Lions Of Kandahar

5. All Looks The Same

6. Thank My Mother’s God

7. Break My Heart

8. Run Into You

9. Stranger Tonight

10. Hold This Town Together

11. Long Time Comin’ 

Micky & The Motorcars (MMC)...

October 16, 2019

When you sense that you are witnessing the beginning of something special, there is an urgency to help spread the word about the band far and wide. A Nightmare From Texas released their self-released debut at the beginning of 2019 and packed it full...