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March 29, 2020


1. No Signs

2. Amy

3. You’re Alright, I Guess

VENUS, 5-piece all girl alt-rockers hailing from Leeds, who promote the participation and inclusion of women in Alternative music, as well as a safer, diverse music scene, are set to release their...

March 9, 2020


1. She Thinks She's Punk Rock n Roll

2. Don't Touch

3. Bigger Than Me

Has someone upset Hands Off Gretel? This EP lived up to its name in terms of the passion and aggression on show!

Having become a fan of the band after their last album then h...

February 28, 2020


1. Chekhov's Gun

2. Hold On To Your Grudge

3. Repeat The Objective

4. Hiding In Plain Sight

5. Spitfire Salutes

Breaking into the next decade of music is a band geared toward redefining the climate of music beyond their local scene. Birmingham...

February 24, 2020


1. Stranger 

2. Beautiful Suicide 

3. Am I 

4. Taste Of Heaven 

5. Never Okay 

6. Forget Me Not 

In a way, my first thought when listening to this EP was that this is a nice throwback to a style of Rock I haven’t listened to since the early 2010s...