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September 14, 2020


1. She's So Hot

2. Diamond Doll

3. Count To Ten

4. Stuck In A Rut

5. I'll Be Happy When You Die

6. Control Yourself

Every so often I’m asked to review something where I know nothing about the band, what they are about or even what kind of music t...

July 11, 2020


1. Tell Me Why

2. Just To Know

3. S.A.D

4. I'm Alive

5. You Don't Excite Me

Formed in 2018, and named after an early, largely autobiographical, Jack Kerouac novel, Maggie Cassidy are an exciting, effervescent British Rock act with a fresh, Pop-f...

July 7, 2020


1. By Your Side

2. PS (I Loathe You)

3. Bright Lights

4. Lines

An EP is a hard thing to get right. Unlike a single (which is just a song that is strong on it’s own) or an album (where you have the space to be experimental occasionally), an EP s...

June 5, 2020


1. Playing With Fire (When Your Friends Are Enemies)

2. Kryptonite

3. God Forbid

4. Close To The Exit

Swedish Post-Punk/Alt-Metal five-piece Past Five have released their second EP 'Detox.', their first release since 2016 debut EP 'Somewhere Be...

May 29, 2020


1. Storming An H Cup

2. Hillbilly Heroin

3. Harvey

4. Hard Of Thinking

5. Adult Fuckery

6. Clint 

Following on from last years EP#1 Exeter’s Disgraceland are back with another EP of Punk Rock n’ Roll. Right from the get go of “Storming...

May 26, 2020


1. Burden The Hardest To Bear

2. Turn These Eyes Blind

3. The Darkened Await

4. Between The Ghosts

If this band were from the US no doubt they’d have been hyped up and already have had features in Metal mags claiming them the next best things....

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