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April 30, 2018


1. Animae 
2. Passers-By 
3. The Silent Earth 
4. Animae II 
5. A Dream 
6. Roads 
7. The Silent Earth II 
8. Animae III

A refreshing change for me this week as I jump into PRAG 83’s new album, 'Fragments Of Silence'. This record will take y...

March 18, 2018


1. Exit Route

2. Catalyst

3. No Tomorrow

4. Maybe

5. Still Moving Colour

‘Days We Found’ is latest EP of 6-piece Alternative-Rock band TrueHeights; with a controversial twist.

We open up this 15min EP with their “Storming and Crunching” lead sing...

March 4, 2018


1. Neon Sequitor

2. Immaculate

3. Sarcaphaguts 

4. Cataracts

5. Hex Hex Hex 

Today we have Slow Bloom, a Californian Post Punk band that packs a punch with their debut EP ‘Hex Hex Hex’.

‘Neon Sequitor’ and ‘Immaculate’ are great opening tra...