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February 19, 2020

For a band that almost quit touring 6 years ago, Bowling For Soup have put together some fantastic tour lineups since, but this one may just have the edge.

17 years ago, Simple Plan joined Bowling For Soup on their UK tour and tonight history repeated...

March 26, 2019


1. Here We Go

2. Doin' alright

3. Something I'm Not

4. Make Her Miserable

5. Butterflies (The Crush Song)

6. Kids Again

7. Rocket Ride

8. Yourself Again

9. Let's Just See How It Goes

10. How Did We Get Here

11. That Night

12. Daddy's Girl

13. You Win


January 25, 2019


1. Here Comes Bowling For Soup (Intro)

2. I Don't Wanna Rock

3. Emily

4. Girl All The Bad Guys Want

5. On And On (About You)

6. Surf Colorado

7. Almost

8. Life After Lisa

9. Where To Begin

10. The Last Rock Show

11. Punk Rock 101

12. Self-Centered


April 26, 2018

For any fan of Bowling For Soup, and indeed any fans of great storytelling through song in general, Jaret Reddick's 'Heartache and Hilarity' Tour was like opening the vault door to an unearthed goldmine. From stories such as how Val Kilmer unwittingl...